Organizational consulting and change management

We believe that a holistic and systemic approach best develops and sustains organizations through times of routine as well as crisis. Organizations must develop their human resource, create managerial infrastructures and provide a tool box to meet their challenges in today's dynamic,complex and uncertain environment. We believe in a multidisciplinary collaborate approach, in which experts from the fileds of management science, psychology, sociology, security and contingency planning cooperate in order to provide specific solutions. We believe that the development process must integrate procedures, improve cognitive abilities, emotional capabilities and behavioural skills. We believe that each consulting and training process must be precise and tailored to the clients unique and special needs.

O-Vox Organizational Consulting is an international boutique firm specializing in organizational development and change management. Particularly, we have significant expertise in building resilience, driven by a holistic and systemic approach. We provide added value through our tailor made consulting and training. We implement our unique model by providing solutions in both routine and turbulent situations. All our consulting processes emphasize emotional, cognitive, behavioral and procedural components.

Our services include organizational diagnosis, tailor made interventions and their implementation at he organizational, team and individual levels. Our methods are diverse, creative and “outside of the box” and provide unique and innovative solutions.
We are a cohesive and goal oriented team, and share an unwavering commitment to our customers’ success. Our team is built of experienced professionals from the business, security and emergency, and non-profit sectors, across dozens of projects, both nationally and internationally.

Our core team:

Dr. Yael Beaudoin

Founder and director of O-Vox organizational consulting. Senior organizational consultant since 1990. Yael posesses substantial knowledge with a portfolio of more that one hundred projects in the public, private and NGO sectors. Yael also teaches at the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, Haifa University and leads an Organizational Consulting Program at Oranim College. She is an Israel Organizational    development Association accredited supervisor. She has also served as the Chairperson for the Israel Organizational Development Association. She possesses a rare ability to lead results focused .changes together .with “soft” HR empowerment, emotional intelligence, and social skills

Shuki Katz

Senior international organizational development consultant (since 1992) Served as consultant of the Israel Navy officer’s academy
Has lead leadership / management programs for senior officers in the Navy and for IDF
Developed and published an innovative change management model
Board member - Israeli Association of Organizational Development (IPPA)
IPPA accredited supervisor
Security officer at Ben-Gurion Airport and Haifa Harbor  Shuki is a highly experienced global change manager, with significant expertise in leading implementation processes. He has also focused on development of leadership and management programs in emergency situations, and has worked with the IDF, banks, hotel chains, Global IT, and other industries. Leading change project in the Arab sector schools

Daniel Beaudoin (Lt. Col. Ret.)

Advisor on civil-military and security coordination (1995)
Former head of IDF liaison to the international aid organizations, embassies missions in the West Bank and Gaza
Senior lecturer at Tel Aviv University
Senior lecturer at the Diplofoundation Geneva

Daniel is a highly experienced crisis manager, with an expertise in facilitating operations continuity in highly volatile emergencies. He has acted as facilitator between the international aid community and the politico-security establishments in Israel. He conducts workshops and consults on civil-military coordination, including on developing SOPs, and contingency planning.

People. Organizations. meaning.
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